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Tesla driver busts thieves via smartphone


Tesla cars exhibit high connectivity, of course, and one Tesla owner used this attachment to her advantage. Before, the Australian radio presenter Annabelle Brett had woken up one morning by a message on her phone sounding the alarm through the Tesla app.

And indeed, when she got to the garage, she found her Tesla Model 3 gone. But not for long. The presenter used the sentry mode feature, which monitors the environment of the electric car, and was able to track the thieves who stole her Model 3.

Footage from the car’s suite of cameras helped Brett to follow the wannabe “carnappers” first on a map and later in a friend’s car.

Before finally catching up – not without having called 911 for assistance – Brett also made good use of other features to give the thieves a hard time. The two men soon found themselves driving in a car with the windows going down, honking involuntarily and seats getting pretty hot.

They were also informed that law enforcement was on their way, and this whole affair became too tedious for the thieves. They got out of the car so stressed or say harassed, one left a driver’s license inside the Model 3. The other thief too was easily identified, thanks to footage from inside the car, according to Drive Tesla Canada.

Additional reporting by Nora Manthey.


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