Nov 10, 2020 - 08:50 pm

Huber+Suhner presents new high-voltage battery cable

Huber+Suhner presents its new high-voltage battery cable series ‘RADOX screened FLEX’ for the automotive industry. According to the supplier, the new cables are more flexible and easier to install into electric vehicles.

The cable is 15 to 30 per cent more flexible, especially for cross-sections larger than 70 mm2, Huber+Suhner suggest. The manufacturer adds this would enable “more simple cable routing and faster installation in high voltage wiring systems to meet the automotive industry’s rising demands for increased flexibility and ease of handing.”

The high-voltage cables help connecting battery package, converter and e-motor, so for voltage levels usually between 400 and 800 volts. The series covers cross-sections from 16 to 120 square millimetres with four cross-sections being available at the start, according to Huber+Suhner.

“Our RADOX screened FLEX high voltage cable delivers all the advantages of our renowned battery cables combined with increased flexibility to provide easy handling and installation, as demanded by light and heavy-duty commercial EV companies,” said Sertac Tekin, Product Manager, Low-Frequency Product Management Automotive at Huber+Suhne.

They developed the RADOX technology in-house and say it includes high resistance against abrasion, erosion, vibration, and chemicals. The manufacturer also promises long-lasting functionality and easy cable stripping for the downstream processing without requiring any additional protection of the outer sheath.

The new high-voltage cable range is compatible with existing automotive solutions from Huber+Suhner, the company informs.

The RADOX series also includes a charging cable system. In addition to automotive cables, the Swiss company also has special cables for data centres, aerospace or medical technology.


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