Rivian opens configurator and reveals prices


The US startup Rivian will open the configurator for its R1T and R1S models on 23 November, and even earlier on 16 November for pre-orderers. The first available model is the Launch Edition, followed by the basic version in 2022. The electric pickup with a 180-kWh battery and a range of over 640 kilometres will be launched at a later date.

For the Launch Edition, the US startup is calling for prices of at least 75,000 dollars for the R1T all-electric pickup truck and $77,500 for the R1S all-electric SUV – this corresponds to 63,600 and 65,700 euros respectively, as is customary in the USA but excluding VAT. Deliveries are scheduled to start in June 2021 (R1T) and August 2021 (R1S).

In addition, the price for the basic version of the R1T, which will be available from 2022, has been reduced slightly: from $69,000 to $67,500. This will make the Rivian slightly cheaper than the three-engined version of the Tesla Cybertruck ($69,900) after deducting the $7,500 tax credit, but these prices are for the Tesla top model, while Rivian is the entry-level version. The simplest Cybertruck should be available later at prices starting at 39,900 dollars.

In addition to the R1T electric pickup basic version called Explore, the Adventure version is also to be offered in January 2022 for $75,000. The battery in both versions is the same, but the Explore is to have a simpler sporty interior with vegan leather, while the Adventure is to have a “premium interior”. For this purpose, the cover of the charging port is to be electrically operated, in the basic model it has to be operated manually. For both versions, the price of the R1S (as with the Launch Edition) is 2,500 dollars higher than that of the R1T.

At a later date, there will be an even cheaper entry-level model and a more expensive top model. When Rivian introduced its e-pickup and e-SUV in November 2018 a total of three battery sizes were announced. The smallest version with 105 kWh is supposed to offer a range of more than 230 miles (370 kilometres), the medium version with 135 kWh 300 miles (482 kilometres) and the largest battery with 180 kWh is supposed to allow more than 400 miles (644 kilometres).

The Launch Edition, Explore and Adventure are each the 300-mile battery with an energy content of 135-kilowatt hours. Rivian’s initial intention is to keep production as simple as possible by using only one battery variant. The Launch Edition will initially be produced with only one configuration, later on it will be converted to two configurations with one battery.

For the R1T, the 400-mile battery is scheduled to be available in January 2022, but Rivian has not mentioned prices and other performance data. The R1S will initially only be available with the 300-mile battery, but with a five or seven-seater interior. Rivian plans to announce when the largest battery will be added to the electric SUV at a later date. Then the launch of the smallest battery in both models will also be announced. Rivian is now notably talking about 250 miles or 402 kilometres of range.,,


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