Nov 22, 2020 - 06:12 pm

Swiss town moves ahead with full fleet electrification

The city of Schaffhausen asks Irizar to complete order over 15 e-buses.


VBSH, the public transport authority of the Swiss town of Schaffhausen has ordered the remaining 13 electric buses in an existing order with Spain’s Irizar following successful testing. They expect delivery to start next summer as VBSH aims to convert the entire city bus fleet to electric by 2028.

The public transport authority says it is taking a “pioneering role” with the order and ambition. VBSH took delivery of initially only two Irizar buses in pre-series in summer and said they have since been tested inside-out and lived up to all requirements.

The remaining 13 e-buses of the order placed in 2019 are set to arrive in summer 2021. Seven electric buses are 12-metre models, while the remaining eight will be 18 metres long. Being of type ie tram, the delivery also comprises respective charging infrastructure comprising of 12 fast-chargers and 16 depot charging stations. The contract further includes an option for a second procurement phase between 2022 and 2027. Orders could then increase to a total of 47 electric buses and 20 fast chargers and 51 depot chargers.

A special feature is that the 600 kW rapid-charging stations will use hydropower generated at the Rhine flowing through Schaffhausen. The work in the coming weeks will focus on the cabling and charging infrastructure at said stations, VBSH announced. At the same time, they will push ahead with internal training and resource planning.

As mentioned, Schaffhausen wants to electrify the entire bus fleet by 2028. Citizens had welcomed the decision in a referendum in November 2019. (in German)


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