St. Louis metro receives smart charging from TMH

Image: The Mobilty House

The Mobility House has delivered its smart charging solution to Metro Transit in the St. Louis region. Now the public transport operator can take advantage of a more intelligent charging system for an e-bus fleet that claims to be among the largest in Missouri.

So far, the intelligent charging solution for the 4.35MW charging project has integrated the first of its twenty 150kW and three 450kW chargers into the smart charging system. The chargers are now operating intelligently with the use of The Mobility House’s charging and energy management system ‘ChargePilot’. The ChargePilot system adjusts the charging performance of electric buses according to travel schedules, tariffs and peak demand charges for the local utility Ameren Missouri. The fleet charging process thus takes place at the lowest possible cost to Metro Transit.

“With over 10 per cent of the European bus market intelligently controlled by our technology, we are bringing a wealth of best practices and lessons learned in electric fleet charging management to this landmark project in St. Louis,” said The Mobility House US Managing Director Greg Hintler.

According to the manufacturer, the ChargePilot system optimises depot charging infrastructure and plans for “managing overhead in-route charging to ensure Metro Transit buses maintain a sufficient state-of-charge to complete all scheduled operations”. In terms of cost-savings, the manufacturer states that “the ChargePilot charging and energy management system can save more than 30 per cent in operational charging costs versus unmanaged charging by reducing peak load and demand charges as well as through time-of-use (TOU) tariff optimisation where charging is scheduled during the most cost-effective times.”

While the technology company has been engaging in various electrification projects around the globe, from their native Germany, around Europe, and even as far as Singapore, this marks the first commercial activity by the company in the USA.


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