BMW launches new app with extra EV functions

BMW has introduced a new app generation. The ‘My BMW’ app replaces the ‘Connected’ app and is primarily intended to offer an extended range of functions for electrified vehicles.

According to the manufacturer, the new app is available in 30 European markets, China and Korea. The ‘My BMW’ app will offer customers there an improved overview of the electric range, charging status and charging history, among other things.

In practice, the first thing you notice is that the app now uses a white background instead of a dark one. However, the “improved overview” is minimal, and both the range and the charge status are still displayed prominently as a number. What is new, however, is that a small bar graph also visualizes the current battery charge status. It also now tracks the charging history, which not only lists the individual charging processes of a month, but also the number of charging processes and the total kilowatt hours charged on the start screen.

Also included are functions such as the charging and air-conditioning timer, which allows customers to define specific time windows and departure times for the charging processes or pre-air conditioning. Manual pre-air conditioning is also still possible via app.

There is also an innovation for drivers of PHEV models: With the introduction of BMW Points, electric driving in plug-in hybrid models is rewarded, as reported. Customers collect points and can then redeem them at BMW Charging for free charging contingents – in the app, drivers can view and manage their points. BMW Points are currently available in Belgium, Germany, France, Austria, the Netherlands and Switzerland.

For all BMW vehicles, regardless of their drive, the new app offers functions such as the ‘BMW Digital Key’, which allows the iPhone to be set up as the vehicle key. The rights of the digital keys can also be limited, such as a limited maximum speed for novice drivers. In addition, the Amazon service Alexa can be integrated deeper into vehicles with BMW Operating System 7 on request.

The ‘My BMW’ app is scheduled to be available in other languages and countries by mid 2021 and will then also be offered in markets such as the USA, Canada, Brazil and Mexico.

With reporting by Sebastian Schaal, Germany.

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Stu Matthews
07.12.2020 um 12:39
Just started to use this App and its easy and simple to get along with. +++

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