India to have the world’s largest electric ferry fleet

The world’s largest fleet of electric ferries is to go into operation in India. India’s largest shipyard, Cochin Shipyard, has now commissioned Siemens Energy to supply the drive and battery components for the first 23 of a total of 78 planned electric ferries.

The electric ferries are to be used in the mass transit system of the coastal metropolis of Kochi in southwest India. Their task will be to connect the city and its ten islands via 38 different terminals. The talk is of launching India’s first water metro service. Each ferry will be 24 meters long and capable of carrying around 100 passengers. No timetable for the launch of the ferry system has yet been revealed.

The framework agreement between Cochin Shipyard and Siemens Energy has already been in place since June 2020, and the shipyard has now placed a concrete order for the main components for the first 23 ferries. Siemens is providing the electric propulsion system and automation technology, while purchasing the battery system based on lithium titanate (LTO) chemistry from Swedish manufacturer Echandia Marine.

“The project showcases our commitment towards decarbonisation and environment sustainability,” said Thorbjoern Fors, executive vice president of Siemens Energy Industrial Applications. “Furthermore, the low emission footprint of the vessels makes it an ideal benchmark for other customers looking to use inland waterways to transport goods and passengers.” (Siemens), (Echandia), (rendering of the electric ferries)


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