700th Supercharger location opens in China


Tesla opened its 700th Supercharger location in China a few days ago. This speaks for a rapid expansion of the network in China, as the 500th Supercharger charging park was connected to the grid just two months ago. Within 40 days, Tesla is said to have expanded the Supercharger network by 30 per cent.

The network expansion was reported by Teslarati with reference to observers who commented via Twitter. According to the report, the 600th Supercharger charging park was opened on 20 December, meaning that a further 100 locations have been added within just under a month. According to a Tesla China executive quoted in the article, the growing Supercharger network is part of plans to reassure customers.

Tesla has now officially started deliveries of Model Ys built in China. At the weekend, invitations were sent to selected Model Y buyers to an event where the first handovers were to take place at the Minghang Tesla Center in Shanghai. The event was scheduled for 18 January 2021 at 10.30 am local time. Series production of the Model Y at Giga Shanghai has been underway for several weeks. During this time, the car parks around the factory have apparently also filled up with vehicles apparently ready for delivery.

Meanwhile, the latest official figures on the global Supercharger network are from October 2020. At the end of the third fiscal quarter of 2020, Tesla reported a seven per cent increase over Q2 2020 to 2,181 Supercharger stations with 19,437 charging points. This was around a third more than a year earlier.


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