Jan 20, 2021 - 12:17 am

Porsche releases the RWD Taycan

While the Porsche Taycan with rear-wheel drive is already available in China, dealerships in Germany, the US and the UK are now to follow. With rear-wheel drive and the optional battery, the basic Taycan is the version of the model series with the longest range.

In Germany, prices start at 83,520 euros. The Porsche Taycan with rear-wheel drive will be available in dealerships in Germany starting in March.

In the USA, the MSRP for the new 2021 Taycan is $79,900, not including the $1,350 delivery, processing and handling fee. Like all other Taycan models, it also qualifies for a federal tax credit of up to $7,500. The 2021 Taycan is expected to arrive at US dealerships starting early Spring 2021.

In the UK, the first of the new Taycan models with rear-wheel drive will make their way to Porsche Centres in the UK from the Spring, priced from £70,690.00 RRP.

The rated power of the new version, simply called Taycan, is 240 or 280 kW – depending on whether the standard “Performance” battery with 79.2 kWh gross capacity or the “Performance Plus” battery with 93.4 kWh gross capacity is installed. The peak power of the entry-level model in overboost with Launch Control function is 300 or 350 kW. The WLTP range is 431 or 484 kilometres. The previously known rear-wheel-drive version for China still had the NEDC consumption figures customary there.

Meanwhile, the charging capacity of the two batteries is known from the Taycan 4S – the larger battery is fitted ex works in the Taycan Turbo and Turbo S versions. With the 79.2 kWh battery, up to 225 kW is possible; with the 93.4 kWh battery, the maximum charging power is 270 kW. The Taycan has a “battery-saving fast charging” function, where users can voluntarily limit the charging power to 200 kW. This would still be faster than most other vehicles, but the 22.5-minute charging time to 80 per cent would not quite be reached.

In view of the weaker single-engine drive, the acceleration value is new: The basic Taycan reaches the 100 kph mark from a standstill after 5.4 seconds. The permanent magnet synchronous machine (PSM) installed on the rear axle transmits the power to the rear wheels via a two-speed gearbox. The maximum recuperation power – although deceleration only takes place on the rear axle – is given by Porsche as 265 kW.

As a distinction to the other Taycan variants, the base model has black anodised brake calipers, and 19-inch Aero rims are fitted ex-works. Other 20- and 21-inch wheels are available as options, as is the high-performance Porsche Surface Coated Brake (PSCB). The front lower section, side skirts and rear diffuser are the same as on the Taycan 4S, but the two Turbo models have a different design.

In other features, the basic Taycan corresponds to the familiar versions. For example, the electric Porsche always features LED headlights. An 11 kW AC onboard charger is fitted ex-works, a 22 kW charger is available as an option (1,666 euros surcharge). The electric charging flaps (driver’s side Type2, passenger’s side CCS) cost 625 euros extra – forward-swinging charging flaps are standard. The Taycan also features the Plug & Charge function: as soon as the charging cable is plugged in, the Taycan communicates in encrypted form with the Plug & Charge-enabled charging station.

Taycan customers can also use the Functions on Demand (FoD) to purchase various comfort and assistance functions on a permanent or temporary basis. According to the carmaker’s press release, this is currently possible for the Porsche Intelligent Range Manager (PIRM), Power Steering Plus, Active Lane Guidance and Porsche InnoDrive functions.

With reporting by Sebastian Schaal, Germany.

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