Consortium reveals very light battery concept

A consortium of five companies, Evonik, Forward Engineering, Lion Smart, Lorenz Kunststofftechnik and Vestaro, has developed a brand-independent, lightweight battery concept for electric vehicles.

The consortium set itself to create a light battery concept for BEV vehicles that is suitable for series production and based on unified assemblies and a cross-market component standard. According to a Lion Smart statement, this has indeed been achieved: “Thanks to lightweight construction, the weight of the battery has been reduced by around ten per cent compared to other commonly used material combinations.”

The solution is offered in three configurations with 65, 85 or 120 kWh. In the 65 kWh version, the battery weighs 412 kilograms, in the 85 kWh version 527 kilograms and the largest version with 120 kWh (and 800 volts), the battery comes to 789 kilograms.

According to the partners, the batteries are at least equal to current battery models on the market regarding energy density, safety and cost. The entire concept has been successfully tested for suitability for series production and safety under extreme conditions.

Within the consortium, Lion Smart contributed its in-house developed cells based on its wireless light battery concept. Lorenz developed a new glass fibre-reinforced material base for the battery housing using an epoxy hardener from Evonik. At the same time, Vestaro again realised the housing structure with a base plate made of aluminium. Crossbeams are used to fix the battery modules, and the carrier plate for the battery management system is also fixed to the aluminium base. The battery modular row structure enables flexible adjustment of the number of modules with an extremely low overall height.

Finally, Forward Engineering tested the safety and suitability for everyday use of the battery concept under real conditions using simulations. The partners say they have already developed various configurations of the battery concept, with the above-mentioned three variants being offered for the time being.

With reporting by Cora Werwitzke


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