Feb 4, 2021 - 02:48 pm

EVBox Group launches charge management platform

EVBox Group’s Everon presents a charging management platform designed to give fleet and site managers more control over the performance of their EV charging infrastructure with the new ‘Business Portal’ software.

Everon’s Business Portal is a powerful dashboard that provides real-time insights into charging station health, charging behavior and energy consumption. The company advertises that the dashboard will allow users to directly monitor the stations, their health and troubleshoot directly from the dashboard, as well as gain insights in energy consumption and revenue generation, next to other data such as consumption, cost and charging behavior. Furthermore, it allows for the monitoring of driver onboarding progress and the filter and export of transaction data.

“Everon’s Business Portal makes managing EV infrastructure easier. It’s a place where data and decisions come together,” says Joeri Kamp, CSO of EVBox Group. “The insights into charging data provided by Business Portal help decision-makers control their charging network, minimize the total cost of ownership, and maximize the efficiency of their charging stations.”

Founded in 2019, Everon is an electric vehicle charging management platform that says it enables any company to build its own dynamic charging network. The platform is hardware agnostic, supports over 21 different languages and allows companies to seamlessly integrate with various APIs, it says.

Everon’s core business is the provision of manufacturer-independent software services for mobility service providers, charging infrastructure and fleet operators, and hardware manufacturers. In doing so, the company integrates functions such as remote hardware control, smart charging, charging billing and roaming into one software platform. The development of complementary apps is also part of the portfolio

The timing of the software expansion is interesting, as the EVBox Group is planning to go public on the stock market quite soon. This was done via a merger with investment firm TPG Pace Beneficial Finance. This is not the only expansion effort that the company lined up last year, however, as roaming partnerships and a freshly founded political lobbying group also belong to the more recent projects the Group has been involved in.

evbox.com, everon.io


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