InnoTherMS to redesign thermal management

The new German-French research project InnoTherMS aims to reduce the energy consumption of electric vehicles to the bare minimum by means of an innovative thermal management system. This should improve the range by at least ten per cent.

InnoTherMS stands for “Innovative Predictive High Efficient Thermal Management System”. The scientists claim to take a holistic view of electric vehicles with regard to thermal management: “Energy efficiency and range of the vehicle are to be increased through maximum brake energy recovery, intelligent use and distribution of the waste heat of the electrical system components, as well as demand-oriented and predictive control of the energy, flows of the vehicle drive and interior”, according to the project description.

The focus is on a virtual, predictive thermal management tool based on simulation and modelling software for the cooling circuit that takes the thermal storage system into account. As the core of the InnoTherMS solution, it enables the prediction and control of the heating or cooling of an electric vehicle while consuming as little energy as possible, maximising autonomy and ensuring the thermal comfort of the passengers, according to those involved in the project.

The research and tests are related to the design of a light commercial delivery vehicle (LCV). The focus is on the passenger compartment as well as the cargo compartment, which is used to transport goods while maintaining the temperature. The focus is on “highly dynamic driving profiles in combination with frequent stop-and-go, standstill, heating-up or cooling-down phases”.

The next step for those responsible is to find a manufacturer to implement the solution. The project benefits from public funding from the Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes region (France) and the Federal Ministry of Education and Research (Germany). The German partners in the project include Fraunhofer, GreenIng, Esslingen University of Applied Sciences, and TheSys. On the French side, the Centre d’énergétique et de thermique de Lyon, IFP Energies Nouvelles, Université Claude Bernard Lyon 1, Saint Jean Industries, and Segula Technologies are participating.


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