US-based EVLOMO to install fast-chargers in Thailand

Florida-based eMobility company EVLOMO is investing 50 million dollars in building charging infrastructure for electric vehicles across Thailand. Their Thai subsidiary EVLOMO Technologies will install together with partners such as Tritium and EAST Group.

EVLOMO promises to install more than 1,000 new fast chargers in cities and suburbs in Thailand over a five-year period. Also planned are High Power Chargers with up to 350 kW capacity at service stations operated by Thai petroleum company PTT. The Australian charging station manufacturer The cooperation with PTT also gives EVLOMO access to Retail PCL, their retail unit. The Group has more than 2,290 gas-stations, 3,440 coffee-shops and manages 2,040 convenience-stores.

Tritium will likely deliver the hardware for said HPC columns.

“EVLOMO will raise the bar when it comes to the high-speed charging experience needed to expedite EV revolution in Thailand,” said Nicole Wu, CEO, EVLOMO. “We are confident that increased charger availability and reduced charging times will help EVLOMO, and the industry as a whole, deliver the future-proof charging experience that customers’ needs.”

The public roll-out is just one part of the strategy. EVLOMO also wants to install charging stations for logistics companies and AC wall boxes for private individuals.

They say they will start with the first site this month and begin a major rollout in May 2021.

Why Thailand, though, for a company that is based in Florida? EVLOMO lauds Thai Government policy to promote EV across the board and also runs to local offices. Recent announcements by the Thai business board BOI included a range of new incentives covering EVs and promoting the Thai production and supply chain.

Thailand has been promoting itself as an EV manufacturing hub for some time and has increasingly seen manufacturers launching battery and other technology initiatives. Nissan produces and sells the e-Power technology there reportedly and also offers the Leaf with charging stations. A plant in Bangkok is also part of Daimler’s battery production hub and BMW has localised battery production in Thailand. EVs made in Thailand benefit from lower tax rates, resulting in lower prices.,


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