Building a Connected Car Ecosystem with Comarch

Cars have become one of the fastest-growing mobile device category, with every vehicle turning into a node in a much larger network and ecosystems. The ongoing (re)evolution in terms of connectivity, electric, autonomous and mobility trends is full of great opportunities to achieve new revenue streams and improve quality of life.

Comarch, a global provider of IT business solutions, fuels the development of e-mobility with its innovative services that build a Connected Car Ecosystem.

One of the latest examples of Comarch’s Connected Car Ecosystem projects is the deployment of ŠKODA Connect Alexa Skill. The process of remote car management is simple and intuitive – the user wakes Alexa and addresses the command that is provided to the Amazon cloud. Then, Alexa Skill initiates the authorization process and gets the necessary data from ŠKODA Connect, e.g. the answer to a question if the car’s battery is at a low stage of charge. ŠKODA has benefited from Comarch’s integration by acquiring customers who are already familiar with Amazon Alexa and ready to use Skill. Likewise, the company extended customer experience by providing new interaction models between the car and the user – creating new business opportunities in the time of e-mobility revolution.

This dynamically increasing interest in e-mobility and ACES (Autonomous, Connected, Electric and Shared vehicles) requires a change of mindset. While the transformation towards more ecological, cost-effective and user-friendly transportation becomes the future of automotive industry, vehicle manufacturers need to keep up with the trend to win the market share. Understanding both business challenges and end-users’ needs, Comarch is constantly building, improving and expanding the Connected Car Ecosystem – a seamless and secure communication between a car, mobile devices and their users.

Comarch area of expertise in IT services for automotive

Comarch’s engagement is a way to make a car smarter. Connected Car Ecosystem offers, among others, online content and services providers integration, in-car embedded applications and smartphone integration as well as Web apps development. Comarch is a partner for integration with all these solutions, which are tailor-made to meet the specific needs and developed in close cooperation with customers. Company’s portfolio consists of Digital Assistant Skills, Smart Parking components, in-Car office application, integration of external music and payments providers to Infotainment, which are constantly being developed.

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