bp pulse teams up with The EV Network in the UK

bp pulse is to expand its ultra-fast EV charging infrastructure significantly across the UK, with a series of new charging hubs developed in partnership with The EV Network (EVN).

The sites are to be developed by EVN with each having a range of ultra-fast charging bays. Some of these will become EV convenience and mobility hubs with food, drink and other facilities on offer to drivers as they charge.

EVN responsible for developing the sites, says they address the challenges faced by both charge point operators (CPOs) and landlords in rolling out a network of rapid and ultra-fast EV charging stations in the UK.

Matteo de Renzi, CEO of bp pulse, said: “We are building a charging network that will give consumers the confidence to make the switch to EVs, knowing they can get the charge they need in the right places. We’re taking another step forward in our commitment to make ultra-fast charging widely accessible across the UK, including in easy reach of the motorway network. These new hubs will complement bp pulse’s existing plans to expand the number of ultra-fast chargers on bp’s forecourts and it’s exciting to be launching this new additional option for drivers.”

The agreement is supposed to deliver new ultra-fast EV charging destinations in areas with high volumes of traffic. The first EV charging & convenience hub with 24 ultra-fast charging points is set to open later in 2021.

Recently, bp pulse also announced that it would be investing 2 million pounds into upgrading legacy charging points across the UK.

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