Mar 31, 2021 - 05:03 pm

Swarco eVolt to install chargers for electric cabs in Wales

Swarco eVolt has won a contract to install electric vehicle charging infrastructure to enable taxi drivers in south-east Wales to charge their vehicles. The order came from Cardiff Capital Region (CCR) and covers charging sites across multiple local authorities.

CCR expects Swarco to install a total of 34 charging stations at 31 selected sites across 10 local authorities throughout the region. The chargers deliver 50kW. Swarco will also manage the subsequent operation and maintenance of the infrastructure. The installation work is expected to be completed by June 2021.

Justin Meyer, Managing Director of Swarco eVolt called CCR’s approach “well-thought-through and strategic.” He also mentioned the “tangible support” CCR was giving taxi drivers and operators through a ‘try before you buy’ scheme and educational webinars.

Funding for this projects comes through the Welsh Government’s Ultra Low Emission Vehicle Transformation Fund. They awarded £1.296m to the Cardiff Capital Region (CCR). The award constituted the highest award made in Wales and will deliver several initiatives running until 2028, including electric cabs and zero-emission buses.

Swarco eVolt is delivering a similar project in Kent, where the Kent Country Council was awarded funding through the Ultra-Low Emission Taxi Infrastructure Scheme last July. This has allowed Swarco eVolt to install the 50kW EV Rapid chargers as reported.

In Kent, the Swarco charging stations each have two charging points. Initially, one point will be for the exclusive use of taxis, and the other will be accessible to the public. It is unclear whether the arrangement is the same in Wales. Swarco can monitor the uptake of electric taxis and usage data so that they may adapt any arrangement to actual demand and use.

Swarco is a traffic technology group headquartered in the town of Wattens near Innsbruck, Austria. Swarco eVolt is the company’s electric transport outlet. Swarco eVolt claims it has more than 8,000 charging points installed across the UK and recently took over ChargePlace Scotland.


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