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Ducati says “no” to electric motorbikes


In 2019, Italian motorcycle manufacturer Ducati confirmed an electric motorcycle and, according to CEO Claudio Domenicali, was “not far away from series production“ at the time. More than two years later, Ducati appears to be in no particular hurry with its electric bike.

Sales boss Francesco Milicia told a specialist outlet: “Will we soon produce an electric Ducati? No.” Whether that is a smart decision is another matter. Ducati reports falling sales amid cheaper rivals and losses among young people. We’d like to think that an electric motorcycle would speak to both the new generation and premium Ducati buyers.

The Italian brand had even made it that far in its thinking. Claudio Domenicali seemed convinced, two years ago, “The future is electric.” Let’s hope it will be again.

The image shows the Ducati Concept Zero that appears to have turned into zero concept at Ducati, pun intended.


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