Apr 30, 2021 - 10:56 am

It’s a gold-plated Caviar Tesla Model S, darling

In a somewhat unnecessary move, the smartphone refiner Caviar has now taken on the Tesla Model S Plaid+ and is offering the electric car with a series of gold-plated applications.

The Caviar Model Excellence 24K is to be sold in a maximum edition of 99 pieces at a unit price of 300,000 US dollars. Considering that the grille, side skirts, wheels, side-view mirrors, and parts of the front and rear bumpers are covered in 24K gold, drivers of this vehicle should very carefully consider where they are parking. On the interior, some parts will also be plated with gold.
insideevs.com, caviar.global

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Found on electrive.com
30.04.2021 10:12