Siemens partners with YHI Energy in New Zealand

Siemens has partnered with YHI Energy in New Zealand to launch its latest electric vehicle charging infrastructure portfolio. The partnership will see YHI Energy distribute Siemens’ charging infrastructure portfolio in the New Zealand market.

YHI Energy is one of New Zealand’s leading suppliers of energy products especially in electric vehicle charging infrastructure. The company will distribute the Versicharge AC Smart Wallbox (7.2kW-22kW), Sicharge CC AC22 dual-port pedestal (22kW) and Sicharge D high power DC charger (160kW-300kW) that can charge up to five (5) vehicles charged in parallel.

Chris Talbot, Managing Director for YHI Energy said, “Our journey into electric vehicle charging stemmed from customer demand and has since grown due to increasing demand. Over the last five years, we’ve worked with some of New Zealand’s largest electric fleets and public charging projects. We believe in bringing the latest and best in technology from around the world to our customers and this partnership with Siemens helps us do just that. We’re looking forward to working closely with Siemens to deliver to our customers and help New Zealand’s decarbonisation journey.”


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