TomTom expands EV-specific routing services


Navigation specialist TomTom expands its software suite for electric vehicles to include improved range and routing features and information on charging points. The expansion comes amid news of a collaboration with Hubject and Eco-Movement that increases the number of charging points on TomTom’s maps significantly.

TomTom and Hubject claim their partnership now includes almost 450,000 charge points globally. More than 175,000 of those provide availability information to drivers via TomTom’s EV charging points service. What’s more, the new TomTom Maps APIs deliver even more information about charging point locations and available plug types.

Software updates also include improved range prediction factors in current and maximum battery level, driving speed, road type and gradient, as well as historical and real-time traffic data. TomTom claims the suite to be “super-accurate” and says it demonstrated single-digit range accuracy with an unnamed partner OEM. We know of one example where TomTom was working with PSA-brand Citroën.

The in-dash navigation also features an upgraded long-distance EV routing. TomTom says it automatically provides drivers with optimised routes based on the vehicle’s range and individual recharging behaviour, the traffic situation on the road, and real-time charging point information from its charging point database.

The new TomTom EV Routing and Range technology will be available for the first time via an over-the-air update for selected electric vehicles from TomTom’s automotive customers later this year. They will be further enhanced with the launch of the cloud-based TomTom Navigation for Automotive solution. The latter is said to offer “deeper vehicle integration than ever before,” with TomTom specifying functions like battery pre-conditioning with information on upcoming charging for electric vehicles. “This allows the vehicle to prepare its battery for optimal fast-charging performance, helping users spend less time waiting at a fast-charger, improving battery life, and lowering total costs of ownership,” the company states.

Drivers can also find available EV charging points on the TomTom GO Navigation app or via SatNav.

The navigation specialists had started to include EV-specific features in its software suites in 2019 as reported.,


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05.11.2021 um 16:09
y a t-il un tomtom qui peut me donner les points de recharge pour ev (au canada ) sans bébel et wifi etc mais comme pionts intérests simplement

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