TomTom to improve navigation for electric cars


TomTom has introduced two new programming interfaces (APIs) to help develop applications for electromobility. This applies not only to the charge status but also to the available charging stations with suitable connections.

The new Long Distance EV Routing API makes it possible to plan a route, including the charge of the battery. The algorithm calculates the course, including the stops for charging the battery and displays the Estimated Time of Arrival (ETA) including the charging time. During development, the focus was on optimising the travel time. So if you only want to charge from certain providers because of your charging rate, you may have to plan differently.

The second new interface, EV Charging Stations Availability API, provides information on whether a charging station is available, taking into account the type of connection. This should enable the driver to be informed before arrival, whether a charging station is available or not. This can also prevent, for example, a Nissan Leaf with a Type 2 and CHAdeMO connection from being routed to a charging station whose columns only have a CCS connection.

“The future of mobility is connected, shared, automated and definitely electric,” says Anders Truelsen, Managing Director TomTom Enterprise. “This electric revolution poses new challenges like range anxiety, which require a new generation of location technology.”

Developers can use TomTom’s software developer kits (SDKs) and interfaces (APIs) for their electric mobility applications.


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