May 20, 2021 - 12:42 pm

Next.e.GO Mobile to enter Mexico

Next.e.GO Mobile wants to enter the Mexican market and is cooperating with Questum, a subsidiary of the Mexican industrial consortium Grupo Quimmco. Together they want to set up a production facility in the form of a microfactory in the Latin American country.

Quimmco plans to electrify vehicle fleets nationwide with the e.GO models, according to Next.e.GO Mobile. Quimmco is based in Monterrey; the Aachen-based company does not provide any information on the location of a possible factory. The e.GO Mobile microfactory is ideally suited “not only to serve the growing Mexican market but later also to supply parts to other e.GO facilities in the American continent”, the company writes.

Next.e.GO Mobile does not give any details about the planned production capacity and investment in the announcement – nor about the time frame. In addition, it is not directly confirmed that the e.GO Life will be built there – even if it seems obvious as the only model at present. There is only talk of “one of the most sustainable battery-electric vehicles”.

While the Aachen-based company wants to contribute its production know-how, partner Questum is to provide local market knowledge and “access to key customers and large car fleets”. “With this agreement, e.GO Mobile has not only found the right industry partner to provide the necessary access to the local market, but at the same time, its long-standing supplier relationships with key industry groups and fleets creates a growing order book that will support our growth ambitions in Mexico from the very beginning,” says Ali Vezvaei, Chairman of the Board of Next.e.GO Mobile SE.

Questum CEO Manuel Valdes calls the agreement a milestone to further expand the business in the e-mobility and automotive sector. “We have been developing the e-mobility market within Mexico for many years. When the idea of working with e.GO Mobile came up, we were immediately excited,” Valdes is quoted as saying.

Next.e.GO Mobile SE was founded after the takeover of the Aachen-based electric car manufacturer by Dutch investment group ND Industrial, which was announced in September 2020. The Aachen-based company,then still known as e.GO Mobile AG, had filed for insolvency protection in April 2020. In February 2021, financing of 30 million euros was announced. According to this, production in Aachen is to restart in June.


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