Porsche looking at GTS versions for the Taycan

Porsche is apparently planning further sportier GTS variants of its Taycan electric car. According to a media report, the Taycan GTS and the Taycan Sport Turismo GTS are next on the agenda. Both could be launched in 2022.

News of the variants has been leaked by the site InsideEVs and is based on information from an insider. Porsche is known for the wealth of variants of its models. So far, there are the variants 4S (360 kW, 420 kW in overboost), Turbo (460 kW, 500 kW in overboost) and Turbo S (460 kW, 560 kW in overboost) of the Taycan. Porsche also unveiled the Taycan Cross Turismo, the station wagon version of the sports sedan, at the beginning of March. It is to be launched on the market in four drive versions and delivered from the summer.

So now GTS variants of the Taycan are on the cards. Porsche is pushing the performance and sportiness attributes of its GTS models even further. InsideEVs assumes that the Tycan GTS will be positioned between the basic 4S model and the Turbo, also in terms of price. The entry-level model is currently available for around 106,000 euros, the Taycan Turbo for around 153,000 euros. With regard to the Sport Turismo GTS, the news site speculates that it will be a “less off-road capable version of the Taycan station wagon.”

Meanwhile, just under two months ago, Porsche announced a software update for older examples of the Taycan. This is supposed to give customers of the 2019 and 2020 model years the same improvements with which the 2021 model year has been delivered since last September. The update itself is free of charge, but the vehicles will have to go to the workshop to receive the new software.



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