Jun 3, 2021 - 05:55 pm

Nuvve & Romeo Power collaborate on V2G and BMS

Nuvve and Romeo Power have announced a collaboration to integrate communication protocols between Nuvve’s vehicle-to-grid (V2G) platform and Romeo Power’s battery management system (BMS). This should enable Romeo Power battery systems to become V2G compatible, regardless of the commercial vehicle platform.

Nuvve’s V2G technology should also mean that parked EVs containing Romeo Power battery packs can collect, store, and share excess energy to optimise grid stability. The platform also accounts for precise energy flow on both the vehicle and charging station sides. The expectation is that this will help mitigate battery degradation.

Nuvve explains that the aim is for this to lead to more cost-effective battery warranties. “Integrating Nuvve’s V2G technology with our battery management systems is yet another step by Romeo Power to continue supporting the advancement of electrification in commercial vehicles,” comments Romeo Power CEO, Lionel Selwood, Jr. “We are committed to working collaboratively with industry leaders within the battery ecosystem to maximize benefits to our customers as they pursue extended battery range, safety and reliability.”

Romeo Power indeed seems well placed to serve this sector having just signed a deal with Lion Electric in November last year, to provide $234 million of bus batteries. In April this year, the battery manufacturer secured a contract with the PACCAR Group to purchase batteries for its Peterbilt 579EV and 520EV electric truck models in the US and Canada until 2025.

For its part, Nuvve is also looking beyond North American borders, where it plans to deploy EVs and V2G infrastructure with Spirii. Here, the two companies have agreed to deploy vehicle-grid integration (VGI) technology in Denmark and other countries in the Nordic and Northern European regions. The agreement will allow integration of both company’s platforms to provide V1G (unidirectional) grid services, and V2G (bidirectional) customer offers for electric vehicle fleets.



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