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Tesla in trouble for broken charging promises


Tesla is being sued in a Californian court over charges at its Superchargers. Specifically, Kevin Shenkman filed a lawsuit on behalf of customers who were promised free use of the Superchargers for life when they purchased their car from Tesla.

Tesla started charging for the use of its Supercharger network in 2017, but those who had bought vehicles from 2012 to 2016 were exempt, although additional fees were recently introduced to use the network. When Shenkman refused to pay, his access to the charging network was cut off.


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Queen Elizabeth
10.12.2021 um 08:31
Why does this not surprise me? They just threw about 10 chargers into a Wawa parking lot near me. Now those spaces are completely empty. Nobody is permitted to park in the spaces if they aren't using the chargers. I have only seen about 8 Tesla's in my lifetime around here. I drive at least a hundred miles a day. The owner tends to think with his pocket with high expense to the company. Now they are facing some trouble and all of the cryptos are crashing. All of the sheep that bought when Big E lifted his eyebrow while mentioning just the name of a crypto more than likely has pulled out. Should have gotten in way sooner bro! Hey at least maybe those 8 Teslas I have seen in the past will all show up and charge at the same time! Only for a fee of course. Tesla has to find new ways to make money to fund the expensive atta boy projects.

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