Porsche targets 100 fast-charging EU sites by 2025


According to a report in German media, Porsche is aiming to set up around 100 of its own fast-charging locations in Europe by 2025. The concept probably envisages a three-stage system that involves the creation of a simple charging station to a station with an attached restaurant.

The German publication Automobilwoche reported on Porsche’s high power charging (HPC) aims with reference to information from dealer circles. This development does not come as a surprise: During Volkswagen’s ‘Power Day’ in March, Porsche CEO Oliver Blume announced Porsche’s own HPC network along important traffic axes in addition to the Ionity locations. At the time, it was said that in the future each location would offer between six and twelve charging points with a capacity of 350 kW, a roof, and also comfortable places to stay while charging. As yet, there has been no further information about whether the Porsche charging network will be accessible to third-party users.

According to Automobilwoche, Porsche sales partners are closely involved in the project. As part of a pilot project with 15 dealers, a booking system will initially be tested that allows Tycan drivers to reserve a charging slot via smartphone. With this system, Porsche wants to guarantee its customers charging processes without queuing.

The plans for a proprietary fast-charging network include Porsche’s own charging station models in addition to its own sales partners, hundreds of which already have 350-kW fast-charging stations. Porsche Engineering has already developed its own fast-charging station, the Porsche Turbo Charger. Among other things, this is already being used in an existing Porsche fast-charging park in Leipzig, Germany. Here, at the manufacturer’s customer centre, twelve HPC columns with up to 350 kW charging power and four AC charging points with 22 kW have been in operation since 2020.

Incidentally, Audi is another Volkswagen subsidiary currently working on a concept for its own fast-charging network. The core of Audi’s approach is ‘premium’ HPC charging in combination with a lounge offer. The power supply is to be provided by buffer storage. A pilot is to be set up in the second half of the year to test a possible series application.

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