BAE Systems to supply e-drive for superyacht

BAE Systems has won the contract to supply the propulsion system for a new generation of superyachts from yacht builder Southern Wind. The first yacht with the propulsion system is to be named SW96 Nyumba.

The “HybriGen” propulsion system is a hybrid drive that is intended to enable the yacht to operate as quietly and emission-free as possible in calm conditions. If the wind is sufficient for sailing, the hybrid system should be able to charge the battery – in “HydroGeneration” mode, the electric motor is switched as a generator and charges the power storage unit via the kinetic energy of the propeller.

“This electric propulsion technology will ensure that the SW96 Nyumba operates with the highest levels of electrical efficiency to maximize the zero emissions benefit of our HydroGeneration mode,” says Steve Trichka, vice president and general manager of Power & Propulsion Solutions at BAE Systems.

The “HybriGen” propulsion system consists of an electric motor, two internal combustion engines as generators, a lithium-ion battery and a shore power connection to charge the batteries in port. Doe SW96 Nyumba is intended for both long-distance cruising and regatta racing. Therefore, a special focus was placed on lightweight construction, increased electrical efficiency and a high power density.


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