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CA: Electric truck project launches at the Port of Oakland


The Port of Oakland, California and its logistics partners announce they launched a battery-electric truck demonstration project this month. The Port debuted ten new BEV Peterbilt trucks to haul cargo within the port’s maritime area.

The new zero-emission trucks operate at Shippers Transport Express (STE), a Port-based trucking operation, which is the third project partner. The Peterbilt trucks cost a total of $5.1 million. Funding comes from a ZANZEFF grant (Zero And Near-Zero-Emission Freight Facility program.

The Port of Oakland also invested $1.7 million to install ten electric charging stations at STE and built a new electrical substation and power line extension to connect to the charging stations.

“Getting these cleaner-running and quieter trucks into service is a major step in testing the feasibility of battery-electric trucks moving containers,” said Port of Oakland Maritime Director Bryan Brandes. In addition, the port is working towards its Seaport Air Quality 2020 and Beyond Plan to become a zero-emissions seaport.

The demonstration project will take approximately three months, and the data collected will include emissions reductions measurements. The trucks will also be monitored for how effectively they operate when hauling fully loaded containers.

The ten trucks join another 17 battery-electric trucks currently in operation at the Port of Oakland. However, these drayage trucks are limited to short distances and lighter cargo loads because of range and highway weight limitations, the port informs.

The new project also relates to an earlier initiative when the Ports of Long Beach, Oakland and Stockton secured funds from the California Air Resources Board and partnered with technology companies to demonstrate technology targeting reducing emissions in an industrial setting.

While the port did not disclose technical details this time, truck maker Peterbilt has been working on electric solutions for port operations since 2018. When laying out the project at the time, the US company named Meritor and TransPower as partners to produce fully electric drive systems for two vehicle platforms.


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