EDF launches V2G service for Nissan fleet customers in the UK


EDF is launching a new commercial charging service in the UK using vehicle-to-grid technology established through its joint venture, Dreev with Nuvve, in 2019. Nissan is on board and will offer the new V2G service exclusively to fleet customers of the Leaf and e-NV200 models.

EDF and Nissan expect fleet operators to earn around 350 pounds per charger per year using the V2G service, the equivalent of around 410 euros. The utility says it assumes an average electricity cost of 11.54 pence/kWh (13.5 cents/kWh) and a 0.33 kWh/kilometre consumption.

The service builds on Dreev’s existing technology, originally brought into the joint venture by Nuvve. The San Diego-based green energy firm has been working with Nissan before, both in Denmark and the UK, where the companies were working to install a 1,000 V2G charger network and EV fleet in the UK as reported.

The company also expects to install 1,500 “smart electric chargers” in the United Kingdom through the joint venture with EDF. As usual, the V2G chargers store energy at less busy times to make it available for sale on the energy markets or for supporting grid flexibility at times of peak energy use.

For the new project, fleet customers can expect the installation of a compact 11kW charger capable of charging a Nissan Leaf in 3 hours and 30 minutes, depending on the battery model, with integrated Dreev technology. In addition, it connects to an app that helps to track charging data and ultimately save money.

Philip Valarino, Interim Head of EV Projects at EDF, said: “Our hope is that forward-thinking businesses across the country will be persuaded to convert their traditional fleets to electric, providing them with both an environmental and economic advantage in an increasingly crowded market.”

The focus remains on B2B solutions, as EDF and Nuvve formulated when establishing Dreev in 2019. Apart from the UK, they focus on EV markets such as France, Belgium and Italy.


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