Aug 24, 2021 - 01:59 pm

MFG selects Swarco as key partner for rapid-charger roll-out

The British petrol station operator Motor Fuel Group (MFG) has named Swarco a key partner in its roll-out of charging stations at sites across the UK. The deal sees Swarco supply 150 Ultra Rapid EV chargers and electrifying 28 sites by the end of 2021.

The partnership comes as part of MFG’s announced investments of 400 million pounds to install fast-charging points at around 500 locations by 2030. Swarco says it supported MFG as a technology partner, assisting with the deployment of charging hardware and back-office software.

“Thanks to the collaborative nature of the agreement, we’ll be working extremely closely with MFG,” Justin Meyer, Managing Director of Swarco Smart Charging, added. “To see 28 forecourts progressing towards electrification is a major step towards expanding EV adoption,” the executive explained.

Swarco estimates the 28 forecourts will see a total of 200 charging stations being deployed. For MFG, however, this can only be the start. When announcing the electrification advance in March this year, the company said the budget of around 464 million euros would finance a total of 2,800 high-power EV chargers (HPC) with 150 kW and 350 kW power. Between four and eight charging points are to be installed at each location.

MFG says it owns and operates over 900 forecourt stations across the UK, and the installation of the new charging points will enable EV owners to charge their vehicles up to 100 miles within 10 minutes.

The company’s Director, EV & Strategic Projects, Ed Chadwick, said the partnership would help MFG to “continuously develop our charging network and aim to have over 500 of our forecourts electrified by 2030, ensuring that every corner of the country has access to a rapid EV charging network.”

Different from some Groups, MFG wants to become a charge point operator itself.

Alongside the supply of rapid charging units, Swarco will also be supporting MFG with access to technical engineers, software development systems and operational resources. The company claims it has 8,000 charge points installed across the UK and was formerly known as eVolt here.

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