Sep 1, 2021 - 01:30 pm

BYD presents heavy-duty electric trucks

BYD North America has unveiled two next-generation battery-electric heavy-duty trucks; the ‘Gen3 8TT’ and ‘6F’. The range of 200 miles (322 kilometres) in extended range versions also makes the trucks suitable for mid-range haulage.

The truck cabs were designed by Wolfgang Josef Egger, former Audi chief designer, and have up to 185kW CCS1 charging capability. According to BYD, the Gen 3 8TT electric truck is a versatile vehicle, and is “capable of performing drayage, regional haul, and distribution work”. The 6F electric truck is a bit larger and can perform regional haul and distribution work. It can also be equipped with a body for refuse collection.

“We listen to our customers and their drivers to ensure we provide the features and performance they need to get a job done,” said Stella Li, President of BYD North America. “With our next-generation 6F and 8TT, we’re making history by setting a new standard for driver comfort and safety in an electric vehicle.”

Prices have not yet been announced for the vehicles.


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  1. Stuart W

    I really can’t wait for these to be everywhere, to be the new normal on highways. Please bring them to the U.K. too!

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