Sep 1, 2021 - 04:37 pm

CityBike & Vaimoo bring 5100 e-bikes to Stockholm

In Sweden, the Spanish micromobility company CityBike Global has signed an agreement with the city of Stockholm to implement one of the largest e-bike sharing services in Europe. The plan is to deliver over 5,100 e-bikes to the Swedish capital.

Italian e-bike solution provider Vaimoo is also on board as a partner. The company will supply the 5,100 smart e-bikes. Vaimoo says these will then be connected to the CityBike technology platform. CityBike claims to have more than 30,000 vehicles in use in Europe and Latin America. Vaimoo, for its part, says it is active in Copenhagen, Rotterdam and the United Kingdom, among other cities.

In Stockholm, the e-bikes are to be available around the clock at fixed stations throughout the year. For greater sustainability, the two-wheelers have frames made of recycled aluminium and a quickly replaceable battery. The smart e-bikes are also connected to a flexible management system that, among other things, enables virtual stations where the vehicles can be parked in an orderly fashion after rental.

The e-bike to be used in Stockholm is a version of the Vaimoo e-bike that won an award at CES 2021, which the partners say will be specially adapted to the city’s mobility needs.

“This agreement brings Vaimoo e-bikes to another world cycling capital,” adds Matteo Pertosa, CEO and founder of Vaimoo. “Partnering with CityBike Global in the Stockholm project is a great pride both personal and for the whole VAIMOO team, constantly committed to the design and implementation of complete and easily integrable sharing systems for an alternative, sustainable and inclusive mobility”


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  1. Anders Nilsson

    Already on the first day, distribution trucks for these e-bikes are parking illegally in street corners blocking traffic and creating risks for other. Another new service ignoring rules at the cost of other.

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