Porsche Taycan tuning now available

Tuning company RevoZport offers Porsche Taycan owners an upgrade for their electric sports car. The eye-catching body kits are dubbed the Taycan Revoluzione and Taycan GT-Z but leave the car’s innards untouched.

The kits do not come cheap, however, as US prices for the GT-Z kit start at $15,000 while the Revoluzione is available from $12,000. The other differences between the kits are that they have the same front splitter but the Revoluzione features slightly smaller side blades. It is also equipped with the same canards and side skirts as the GT-Z, and also features the same rear wing. The biggest change is the fitment of a slightly less overt carbon fiber diffuser.

Drivers must pay another price for fashion, as the two aerokits naturally boost the vehicle’s downforce figures and add drag, which in turn, will inevitably impact the EVs range.

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