Renault UK enlists RAC to roadside assist all new EVs


The British motoring organisation RAC has won the contract to provide roadside assistance for all new Renault electric vehicles and EVs still covered by its three-year warranty in the UK. The deal builds on RAC’s long-term relationship with Renault UK; however, it is a move away from the previous recovery model.

Instead of recovering electric vehicles, the RAC service will now include roadside repairs. With a track record of fixing four out of five vehicles, the company says it was “confident of being able to dramatically improve the overall experience for Renault’s customers who require roadside assistance.”

The new contract currently covers the Twizy, the Zoe car and van, and the Kangoo ZE. RAC head of OEM Roadside John Ellis added there were “many more exciting vehicles on the way,” specifically the Megane E-Tech and Master E-Tech van and the iconic Renault 5, this time fully electrified.

The RAC also considers the deal “further recognition” of its ongoing efforts to include electric vehicles in its service. The organisation has been working to install emergency EV chargers in its patrol vans since 2019 and, earlier this year, reportedly began to install the equipment in a fifth of its fleet. RAC plans to have 200 vans equipped to boost out-of-charge EVs by the end of 2021, with a further 120 to follow in 2022. The  RAC EV Boost was launched as a 3.5kW charger in April 2019, while development work is underway for a mobile 7.5kW charger.

In addition, the RAC All-Wheels-Up recovery system, which is now fitted to the majority of patrol vans, can easily be used to tow an electric car safely with all four wheels off the road, the RAC points out.

Prior to taking on roadside assistance for Renault EVs, the RAC had already been looking after all the manufacturer’s new petrol and diesel cars since 2013.


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