Hubject and &Charge join up for better charging

Hubject has launched a collaboration with &Charge, a company spun out by Porsche Digital, to develop joint solutions to improve the charging experience. Initially, the focus will be on data quality around charging stations.

Based on &Charge‘s data from thousands of EV charging sessions across Europe, the company should be able to provide additional information about charging point locations. Hubject will enrich and qualify the data by evaluating and analysing information about connected charging networks.

Simon Vogt, Chief Sales Officer of &Charge, explains: “We founded &Charge to make charging more affordable, reliable and fun. With the electric vehicle market currently gathering momentum and electric vehicles now becoming relevant to the masses, reliable data is absolutely essential.” He continues, “With our crowd-sourcing approach and a strong community of electric car drivers, we manage to get high-quality feedback on European charging infrastructure.”

“The quality of service of public charging stations is becoming a crucial success factor in adopting electric vehicles. The market needs reliable, accessible and available charging stations, so we convince more people switching to emission-free mobility future,” adds Christian Hahn, CEO of Hubject GmbH. “This collaboration with &Charge will help us reaching this goal together, merging the experience of Hubject with the strong customer focus of &Charge”

The results of this partnership will be available to all companies “interested in accessing high-quality data for charging infrastructure in Europe”. Furthermore, Hubject and &Charge confirmed that in the future they intend to expand their cooperation to the development of additional services to improve the charging experience and quality of service for EV market participants.


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