Driivz software to manage eMP charging in Japan

Image: Driivz

In Japan, the charging infrastructure provider e-Mobility Power (eMP) has migrated and unified its entire network of more than 27,000 chargers onto the Driivz EV charging and smart energy management software platform.

In April of 2021, eMP took over the Nippon Charge Service (NCS) in Japan. Software from the Israeli software specialist Driivz enables eMP to consolidate partners such as mobility service providers (charger owners and charge point operators) into a single managed system controlled by eMP.

“This partnership with Driivz will aid in future-proofing our EV charging business and streamlining EV charging management while giving our EV drivers the most seamless experience possible,” said Shoko Yotsuyanagi, President of eMP. “This is crucial to our progress in achieving eMP’s mission.”

With the new electric vehicle management platform, drivers can use a single mobile app and web portal to start charging sessions and self-manage their accounts. The new system is interfaced with an Integrated Authentication system (a “Hub” system, that integrates more than 27,000 EV chargers in Japan). This means that eMP drivers can use other Charging Point Operator (CPO) chargers and enables non-eMP members to use eMP chargers.



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