Blink grows charging & car-sharing in LA

Blink LA

In the USA, Blink Mobility has announced the expansion of its BlueLA electric car-sharing program serving Los Angeles with 300 street side EV charging stations and an increase the car-sharing EV fleet.

A LA City Council vote of approval has allowed Blink to add 300 street side EV charging stations at an anticipated 60 destinations across the city. Blink Mobility is operated by Blink Charging.

The expansion agreement stipulates that the BlueLA project will see the deployment and operation of a total of 500 EV charging stations at a minimum of 100 locations across Los Angeles. The progressive increase in the Program’s electric vehicle fleet will include up to 300 vehicles, based on utilisation rates.

Michael D. Farkas, Chief Executive Officer of Blink Charging said: “We’re very pleased to expand our exclusive car sharing and EV charging agreement with the city of Los Angeles. The program further reinforces our commitment to providing affordable electric vehicle accessibility and EV charging infrastructure to underserved communities across the city.”

The expansion is partly funded with resources provided by the Los Angeles Department of Transportation (LADOT) and the California Air Resources Board (CARB).

EV-sharing services to the City of Los Angeles are exclusively provided by Blink Mobility with a program that currently operates 190 charging stations at 39 locations in the city. Blink Mobility says that the new charging station locations are currently being identified and assessed.


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