Zero presents new model year with improved batteries

The electric motorbike manufacturer Zero Motorcycles presents new battery technology, software updates to increase performance and the new Zero SR for the new 2022 model year. The electric motorbikes of the 2022 model series are available to order now and are to be delivered successively to all Zero dealers.

The new lithium-ion batteries feature an improved design and new architecture, and are said to have around 20 per cent more capacity than their predecessors. The standard capacity of the two batteries is 14.4 and 15.6 kWh respectively, but both variants can be optionally expanded to a capacity of 17.3 kWh and further increased to almost 21 kWh using an optional “Power Tank”. Both battery configurations are available for the 2022 Zero SR/S, only the 15.6 kWh battery is available for the new Zero SR/F, and only the 14.4 kWh battery is available for the renewed 2022 Zero SR.

In the maximum possible capacity configuration with just under 21 kW, the urban range of the Zero SR/F, SR/S and SR should be up to 365 kilometres. Overland and at an average speed of 113 km/h, the manufacturer specifies up to 182 kilometres. Zero does not provide any information on the ranges of the machines with the standard capacities of 14.4 and 15.6 kWh or with the extension to 17.3 kWh.

“Being the brand that both defined and continues to lead the category of electric motorcycles means that we have the responsibility to push the boundaries of what is possible in electric powertrains. We consistently work to deliver massive steps forward and not just incremental improvements to our powertrains and our products,” expresses Sam Paschel, CEO of Zero Motorcycles. “As part of that effort, a relentless focus on range improvements, driven by battery capacity and powertrain efficiency, provide the foundations that allow us to transform the rider’s experience and drive acceleration in electric vehicle adoption and sales.”

A newly established ‘Cypher Store’, which interacts with Zero’s own operating system Cypher, serves as the point of contact for the battery capacity extension, which can be booked online. The latest version of this operating system (“Cypher III+”) comes standard on the 2022 SR/F, SR/S and new SR models and provides access to that e-store for paid feature upgrades, according to an accompanying release. The optional upgrades include faster charging, longer range, speed and power enhancement, parking mode, heated grips and integrated navigation capability, among others. Some of the upgrades will also be made available retroactively for the 2020 and 2021 model year SR/S and SR/F, according to Zero. However, it will not be possible to activate them online on one’s own; rather, owners will have to contact their dealers.

“The opportunity to customize your motorcycle on-demand is nothing short of revolutionary in the powersports industry,” comments Jeremy Kent, General Manager Software and Parts & Accessories at Zero Motorcycles. “We’ve created the ability to instantly improve the performance of our products without much more than a Wi-Fi signal, offering a dramatic shift in how Zero’s motorcycles can grow and evolve along with the owner.”

Playing an important role in the 2022 model year is the redesigned Zero SR. Zero describes the machine as a very successful model and the company’s longest-running model. And, “The SR founded the electric street bike category. With the host of unprecedented features we are now introducing, the SR is the most adaptable motorbike ever and capable of maintaining its preeminent position for years to come.”

With reporting by Cora Werwitzke, France.


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