Tritium to deploy over 500 DC-chargers for EVCS network


EVCS has turned to Tritium to expand the EV charging network along the US West Coast. EVCS will purchase over 400 Tritium fast-chargers to add to its more than 100 Tritium charger deployment.

With over 1,500 chargers in its network, of which over 600 are DC fast chargers, EVCS says it was in the process of substantially increasing its network by the end of 2022. The latest order with Tritium will see them focus on California, Oregon and Washington.

Gustavo Occhiuzzo, CEO of EVCS called the expansion “an important part of reducing range anxiety for EV drivers on the West Coast.” He added, “Tritium provides best-in-class fast charging hardware, which will allow us to grow our unlimited charging subscription model at a much faster rate.”

The more than 500 Tritium fast chargers ordered by EVCS, ranging from 50kW to 175kW, will account for nearly half of EVCS’ fast-charging network once fully deployed.

Drivers have the option to pay through the EVCS mobile app, Apple Pay, Google Pay, a credit card, or by becoming monthly subscribers with unlimited charging for a monthly fee.

The two companies added they were looking to benefit from Californian incentives to grow the network further. The California Electric Vehicle Infrastructure Project (CALeVIP), for example, continues to expand throughout the state.

“It is extremely promising to see so many organisations prioritise electric transportation with new grants and funding programs. While Tritium is seeing record-level activity across the globe, US engagement is at an all-time high,” said Mike Calise, President of Americas at Tritium. He added that the National Conference of State Legislatures now cites 46 states, including DC, with policies on the books to promote EV adoption.

The company claims it booked “record orders” of about 55 million dollars for the three months ended 30 September. Tritiums’ backlog also continued to grow, ending at a record of approximately $78 million, or an increase of 333% over the backlog from 31 December 2020. Founded nearly twenty years ago, the company says it deployed more than 4,500 charging stations providing more than 2.7 million ultra-rapid charging sessions across 41 countries and four continents to date.

Tritium expects to go public once the planned SPAC deal is completed at the end of this year and latest in January 2022.


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