SAIC-GM launches another electric micromobile

The Chinese joint venture of SAIC and General Motors has launched another electric microcar under the Wuling brand. The new Nano EV complements the Hongguang Mini EV, which is already very successful in China.

The Wuling Hongguang Mini EV is one of China’s best-selling electric vehicles, and the model has been leading the statistics for months. However, the Nano EV is not the alleged top version of the Hongguang Mini EV that was rumoured in September. At the time, there was speculation about a version with 30 kW of power, 26 kWh of battery capacity and a wheelbase extended to 2.01 metres.

The new Nano EV surpasses the power and range of the Mini EV, but comes with an even shorter wheelbase. The Nano EV is 2.50 metres long, 1.53 metres wide and 1.62 metres even – with a wheelbase of 1.60 metres. The Mini EV, on the other hand, is 2.92 metres long with a wheelbase of 1.94 metres – width and height are almost the same for both models.

The turning radius (not the turning circle, mind you) is given by the company as 3.8 metres, which is supposed to make it ideal for commuting in the city. Nevertheless, the Nano EV is not limited to inner-city use, at least in marketing: it is a model that meets “the needs of today’s independent young generation and couples who like to travel”, says GM.

Propulsion is provided by a 24 kW permanently excited synchronous motor, the maximum torque is 85 Nm. The company does not specify the size of the battery in the announcement, but the NEDC range is said to be 305 kilometres. According to a report by “Gasgoo”, it is an LFP battery. With an optional 6.6-kW charger, the vehicle is said to be able to be charged in 4.5 hours; there is apparently no option for a DC charger.

The Nano EV will be offered in three versions at prices between 49,800 and 59,800 yuan (the equivalent of about 6,300 to 8,300 euros). In return, the small electric car has numerous functions, such as a battery heater and a smartphone app that can be used, among other things, to pre-condition the battery. There are also rear parking sensors, ESP and a tyre pressure monitoring system.


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