SK On launches its own battery diagnosis service

SK On has launched a battery diagnosis service in South Korea based on the development of technology that allows drivers to check the battery status of their electric vehicles themselves. At the moment, however, it is only a pilot project.

SK On relies on a self-developed artificial intelligence called BaaS AI (Battery as a Service Artificial Intelligence) to continuously collect information on the battery status of electric vehicles to detect problems and determine the battery’s remaining value.

For the pilot project in South Korea, SK On is working with the company Soft Berry, which operates the charging service ‘EV Infra’. Soft Berry was also involved in the development of the BaaS AI: Since May, the charging patterns of users have been analysed and used to teach the software. But data from current market research has also been incorporated, says SK On.

Before the software development started, SK On cooperated internally with SK Car Rental to develop a battery monitoring device. This device was used to collect data from rental vehicles, and the EV battery diagnostic service was developed based on this. Details about the device, such as whether it will be connected via the OBD interface, are not given by SK On in the announcement.

From the pilot project, SK On says it hopes to use the experience and data gathered to offer other BaaS models in the future. “We will offer personalized battery diagnosis service by using the accumulated data and analysis competencies in the process of researching and producing safe and excellent batteries, contributing to the expansion of BaaS ecosystem by cooperating with domestic and overseas partners,” says Sohn Hawk, head of SK On’s E-Mobility Office.


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