Skoda UK improves charging for the Enyaq iV


Škoda UK is reducing the time new Enyaq iV owners will spend charging by equipping all new models with upgraded DC fast charging as standard. The charging capacity for all models was more than doubled from the previous 50kW charging capacity.

The update covers both Enyaq iV 60 and Enyaq iV 80 models, and now means that buyers of the 60 can charge at up to 120kW while those choosing the 80 can charge at up to 125kW as standard. Previously, both models had a maximum charging rate of up to 50kW as standard.

While the majority of the UK public chargers still only have an output of 50kW, a new generation of high output chargers is being installed. At the same time, prices for charging in the UK recently went up, where prices for a DC 50 kW charging price per kW went from 29p to 38p on the BP Pulse network, while competitor Instavolt announced a price hike from 40p per kWh to 45p  effective from 1 December.

At the same time, the government has mandated that new buildings include charging stations, which ought to massively improve the situation as most EV drivers in the UK do not have access to their own charging ports, making public charging even more important. There have also been initiatives by individual London boroughs to improve public charging as well. Connected Kerb is also working hard to expand their public charging network. Škoda estimates that “around 250 new connections going live every month. There are currently 4,770 rapid DC public chargers live at 3,060 sites around the UK”, marking a transition point.


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Ian Cox
03.12.2021 um 10:46
With queuing happing at lots of charging places in the daytime. There is a need for ramping the roll-out of 150-350 Kw chargers. Plus Chargers need to be more reliable and more people need to check and maintain them, IMHO. fish1chips2

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