Has the Citroën Ami found another friend for adventures?

Citroën continues to reshape its small electric city car, Ami EV, which was given a cargo variant and now it’s getting an off-road look. It’s unclear whether Citroën wants to produce the Offroad Ami or if they are testing the waters.

In any case, the concept now published by Citroën as the My Ami Buggy Concept has rough tires and a panoramic roof – but no doors. Of course, that doesn’t speak for its street-readiness, but the French consider it “completely liberated” in today’s communications.

Samuel Pericles, Designer of My Ami Buggy, added, “My Ami Buggy is a proposition in line with the philosophy of Ami, which is not a car. We have therefore looked for inspiration in the world of construction games for the fun and functional side and industrial design for ergonomics and aesthetics.”

On more practical notes, Citroën may as well start offering the Ami. The micro EV has found some success in sales, in particular, due to its low price point. Gross sales prices start from 6,000 euros or a monthly leasing rate of 19.99 euros. Plus, there’s already a cargo version set for launch in 2022 in the UK and other markets. So, why not a buggy?



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