Endesa & Cepsa want to develop Spain’s largest HPC network

Spanish utility Endesa is partnering with Spanish petroleum company Cepsa (Compañía Española de Petróleos) to develop what they say will be the largest interoperable HPC network for electric cars in Spain and Portugal.

Cepsa says it will build a network of 150-kW charging points on all corridors and main roads, complementing Endesa X’s existing HPC infrastructure. The latter so far includes 75 ultra-fast charging points in 25 locations throughout Spain. Cepsa and Endesa customers will be able to access all of these charging stations via their respective apps.

Details of the planned charging network, such as the type of charging point used, the number of charging points per location or the density of HPC parks have not yet been revealed.

At the signing ceremony for the agreement, Endesa CEO José Bogas was the signatory while from Cepsa, two representatives were involved: Current CEO Philippe Boisseau and Maarten Wetselaar, who will take over from Boisseau as CEO on 1 January 2022. The cooperation comes at a time when the Spanish Ministry of the Environment plans to stipulate that large service stations have fast-charging facilities by ministerial decree. This would probably also affect Cepsa.

Cepsa already has 2,800 charging points in operation in Spain; the company is, among other things, a partner of Ionity for Spain and Portugal. Competitor Repsol had announced in November that it would expand its charging network in Spain and Portugal by 610 fast-charging points.

Endesa already announced in 2018 that it planned to build more than 8,500 public charging points by 2023. These have been created at the Gasexpress gas station chain, among others. Endesa’s competitors are also active: energy provider Iberdrola has also recently entered into several cooperative agreements to build charging stations, including HPC. Cooperations exist with Leroy Merlin and First Stop, the gas station chain Avia, and Ikea, among others. Iberdrola is also the partner for home charging solutions for Mercedes-Benz.



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