Jan 3, 2022 - 03:35 pm

NYC fleet to gain 184 Mach-e GTs and 250 Teslas

The New York Department of Citywide Administrative Services (DCAS) has ordered 184 all-electric Ford Mustang Mach-E GTs for the police and other agencies in New York City. DCAS also aims to purchase 250 Tesla Model 3s whereby the contract is still being finalised.

Ford’s new electric SUVs are scheduled to arrive at the city by 30 June 2022 and are part of New York City’s recently announced $420 million investment in electric vehicles and charging infrastructure.

With the GT, New York has chosen the top-of-the-line Mustang Mach-E model. The GT has an output of up to 358 kW, while the all-wheel-drive version with a large battery only has 258 kW. City officials emphasise the fact that the 27 cubic feet of cargo space (754 litres) “to allow for the storage of critical emergency and law enforcement equipment”. This emphasis may be due to the imperative to justify SUVs in city space, since the City “also requires a review of every SUV in city government and the elimination of any unnecessary use of SUVs,” as stated in their announcement on the goal of completely electrifying the city’s entire fleet.

The NYPD alone operates over 6,200 vehicles, which is the largest single group of the city government’s approximately 30,000 vehicles. “Law enforcement vehicles are the largest and most visible part of our City’s fleet,” said Keith Kerman, DCAS Vice President and NYC Chief Fleet Officer. “This order of all-electric Mach-Es will enable our law enforcement agencies to put electric models to the full test and work out maintenance, lights and sirens, charging, and other operational issues. It is a critical step towards our goal of a fully electric fleet.”

In addition, DCAS also wants to buy 250 Tesla Model 3s. Here, however, the procedure for procurement has not yet been finalised. The electric car news site Teslarati has received confirmation from the New York City DCAS that it will indeed be purchasing the 250 Model 3 units for the New York City fleet. They said that the reason the Tesla purchases were not in the press release is simply because the contract is still undergoing the approval process and has not yet been finalised.

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