Joe Biden choosing to ignore T-ESL-A prompts mini tweet-storm

US President Joe Biden has praised General Motors and Ford on Twitter for producing electric vehicles – ignoring Tesla once again, even though the Californian company builds the most electric cars in the USA by far. Elon Musk’s response did not take long.

“Starts with a T, ends with an A, ESL in the middle,” the Tesla boss tweeted in reply to @Potus. Allowing Tesla workers to unionize may be a more successful policy in attempting to get the current US administration’s attention.

Also note, Biden, in his original tweet, said: “Companies like GM and Ford are building more electric vehicles here at home than ever before.” Coming from almost nothing, yes, perhaps.

Of course, the storm came down on the President regardless. Elon Musk’s reply had 9,213 Retweets, 938 Quote Tweets and 81.2K Likes at the time of writing this article. (Biden), (Musk’s reply)


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