Skoda presents the new Enyaq Coupé IV

Skoda presented the Enyaq Coupé in Prague. With this vehicle, the Czech VW subsidiary expands its electric range, albeit with familiar technology on a familiar basis. Thanks to the aerodynamic body, some performance data have changed.

Skoda presented the Enyaq in September 2020 a few days before the ID.4. VW has turned the tables on the SUV coupés: the ID.5 can already be ordered and is being built in series, while Skoda pulled the cloth off its electric SUV coupé at the premiere broadcast on the internet.

Given the split MEB platform, the technical kinship is well known, and given the prototypes and prototype cars, a certain visual similarity had also emerged with the curved roofline. While the ID.5 still has a mini-spoiler on the boot lid behind the flat rear window, the Skoda designers have dispensed with such add-on parts. The result is an Enyaq with a flatter rear. One (small) change to the design: the illuminated front grille called “Crystal Face”, which was optional on the SUV, is standard on the SUV coupé.

However, there is one significant technical difference: while the ID.5 is only available with the largest 77 kWh battery (designated as 80 by Skoda), the Czech company also offers their SUV coupé with the 60-kW-battery, i.e. the 58 kWh battery. The latter version is available with a 132 kW rear engine.

The large battery pack is available in the Enyaq Coupé with either a 150 kW rear-wheel drive or a 195 kW all-wheel drive with a second electric motor on the front axle. And: Contrary to the first announcement from September, when Skoda had only announced the Enyaq Coupé iV 60, 80 and 80x, the Coupé also comes as an RS model – with a sportier design and 220 kW as in the GTX models from VW. The official name is Skoda Enyaq Coupé RS iV, in case there are any questions about the order.

While the performance data of the powertrains are known, there is a surprise when it comes to charging power: Skoda does not mention the kW figure in the announcement, but the Enyaq Coupé 80 iV is said to be able to charge from ten to 80 percent in 29 minutes – i.e. like the ID.5 with the improved charging curve and peak power of 135 instead of 125 kW. But: the two all-wheel-drive versions are said to need 36 minutes for the same 10-80 per cent charge. The VW ID.5 GTX uses different battery cells and therefore has a different charging curve than its sister models without the GTX abbreviation. The press release does not explain why Skoda’s 80x has a different charging time than the rear-wheel-drive model.

With the official premiere, the homologated WLTP ranges are also known. So far, Skoda had stated a range of “more than 535 kilometres” for the variant with the longest range – i.e. the Enyaq Coupé iV 80. That would also be the least because the SUV version with this drive is stated by the configurator as having a range of up to 534 kilometres. Now it is clear: with 545 kilometres, the Coupé manages eleven more kilometres than the SUV – at least in the WLTP standard; only test drives will show the true difference on the road.

In terms of boot space, the coupé version is not that far off the SUV model at first glance: instead of 585 litres, Skoda specifies 570 litres here. However, the 585 litres of the Enyaq iV are only measured up to the lower edge of the windows according to the VDA standard – the real difference between SUV and SUV coupé only arises above this with the flat rear window. The coupé will therefore not reach the up to 1,710 litres of the Enyaq iV.

In terms of bodywork, the two versions differ only minimally, the coupé being one millimetre flatter and four millimetres longer than the familiar SUV. The towing capacity is the same: both four-wheel drive versions of the Coupé can tow up to 1,200 kilograms on a 12 percent gradient, while the rear-wheel drive versions can tow a maximum of 1,000 kilograms.

In September, Skoda boss Thomas Schäfer had stated that around 70,000 orders for the Eynaq had been received at that time. However, Skoda delivered only 44,700 units in the whole year. With today’s orders, a new Enyaq will not be delivered until 2023. Prices for the Enyaq Coupé have not yet been set, but one thing is clear: availability will not exactly improve.

“Following the successful launch of the SUV, the new ENYAQ COUPÉ iV brings even more emotiveness, sports styling and elegance to the ŠKODA iV family,” Schäfer says of the premiere. “Our designers and engineers have once again succeeded in combining a high degree of functionality with an emotive design. The brand-new range-topping model is also the first-ever all-electric ŠKODA vRS.”

With reporting by Sebastian Schaal, Germany.


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