EDAG bundles competencies in new business unit


As of 1 January 2022, the development service provider EDAG has combined its competences from the areas of electrification, fuel cells and batteries, among others, in a new business unit called ‘Energy Systems and Powertrain’. The new business unit will be headed by Roberto Diesel.

For EDAG, the energy infrastructure has a key function for a sustainable future. In a press release, the company counts the largely sustainable generation of energy as well as its storage and availability, an efficient infra- and distribution structure and the supply of energy consumers as part of this. With the new business unit, the company now wants to reposition itself in this field.

EDAG also pursues a holistic engineering approach in energy management. In the new unit, developments and solutions are to be examined with regard to their reuse and the associated recycling process.

According to Diesel, the company’s focus in mobility and logistics is on all modes of transport – from passenger cars and two-wheelers to commercial vehicles and work machines to buses, ships, trains and aircraft. “In mobility and logistics, our focus is on all means of transport, from passenger cars and two-wheelers, commercial vehicles and work machines to buses, ships, trains and aircraft. Throughout the process, we consider all aspects of energy use, be this in the further development of battery-electric eMobility, fuel cell or hydrogen powertrains, in the industrial utilization, and in ensuring sustainable supplies to buildings,” he explains. “By using and building on EDAG’s strengths from now on, we will be able to make a real contribution towards further advancing decisions and systems that are right for the future of mobility.”

In December last year, EDAG applied for a patent for a new process for inductive charging of electric cars as part of the LaneCharge research project. A key point here is that, unlike previous approaches, the charging intelligence is located in the vehicle and no longer on the road.


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