Electreon joins CharIN


Electreon, an Israeli company specialising in inductive charging for electric vehicles, has joined the CCS initiative CharIN. As a core member of CharIN, Electreon will contribute technical insights on wireless charging technology requirements and participate in relevant working groups to develop common global standards.

The CharIN Alliance is a network of more than 200 organisations focused on the global standardisation of electric vehicle charging infrastructure. From CharIN, for example, the CCS standard has emerged, and a Megawatt Charging System (MCS) for commercial vehicles is under development as a new truck charging standard.

CharIN’s activities go beyond wired charging: the Austrian startup Easelink is developing an automated conductive charging solution and already joined CharIN in 2019. Since autumn last year, providers of inductive charging systems Momentum Dynamics and WiTricity have also joined the alliance, in turn providing input on standards for inductive charging.

“We are committed to knowledge sharing and hope to accelerate progress toward achieving, and exceeding, CharIN’s goals by sharing our expertise,” says Electreon CEO Oren Ezer. “We are at a turning point and, working together, have an unparalleled opportunity to expedite the world’s transition to electric vehicles.”

For CharIN, the top priority is to spread the Combined Charging System (CCS) as a global standard for e-vehicles of all types, alongside working on more specific issues, such as V2G, the development of a truck charging standard and Plug&Charge. But in joining Momentum Dynamics and WiTricity, the initiative stated: “Modular inductive charging promises to accelerate a core goal of CharIN, which is to develop megawatt-class charging systems.”

An inductive charging system in the megawatt range was announced by US company Wave in the summer of 2021. One major difference in the Wave and Electreon concepts is that Wave is a static system, with vehicles to be charged while stationary. Electreon has already announced and implemented several projects in which the vehicles are charged while driving – for example in Sweden, Italy and the USA.



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