Production at Giga Berlin delayed again

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The start of production at the Tesla factory in Grünheide has been delayed again. Tesla will reportedly not be allowed to let the first cars roll off the production line for sale until mid-March at the earliest.

The current delay in the final approval for the factory is due to the fact that the authorities are currently still checking the factory’s safety precautions, as the German RBB writes. This means that production cannot be expected to start in time for Elon Musk’s planned visit in mid-February.

According to the RBB research, Tesla itself had “repeatedly changed the quantities of toxic chemicals that could leak in the event of an accident”. In addition, the carmaker’s plans for cleaning up the waste water still had to be examined. Only then can the plant obtain the necessary permits.

Once the permit is granted, however, it does not directly mean the go-ahead for production. After approval, the authorities still have to issue a separate operating permit. Even if the permit is granted, it is not clear how many units Tesla will be able to build in Grünheide.

When asked by RBB, Tesla did not comment on the information that a further delay in the start of production was to be expected.

In January, Tesla had confirmed that the first Model Y Performance from Grünheide would be delivered in March. After a corresponding change in the configurator, in which March was named as the expected delivery date for white and black Performance models, had already indicated such a step, Tesla itself confirmed the plan in an internal email. It is not known whether this target can still be met with the possible new delay. (in German),


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